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Hydrogen energy center

18 February 2022

                                                                                   I. General regulations

           1.1 The  Center  for  Hydrogen  Energy  at  the Yagshygeldi  Kakayev International Oil and Gas  University  (here in after - the Center), the International Oil and Gas University  (here  in after - the University), was  established in accordance with the "Roadmap for the development of  international cooperation in  the field of hydrogen energy of Turkmenistan for  2022-2023", approved by the No. 2581 Decree of the President of   Turkmenistan dated January  28, 2022, is part of the structure of  the universityand is aimed  at  creating  and  developing  the  hydrogen  energy of Turkmenistan, training  high-level   specialists, organizing  and  implementing  international  cooperation in this direction.  The  Center  is  not  a  legal  entity.

          1.2 The  Center  is  based  on  the  current   legislation  of  Turkmenistan, regulatory and  methodological  documents  of  the Ministry of  Education  of Turkmenistan, orders  and  instructions  of  the Ministry of  Foreign  Affairs  of  Turkmenistan, the  Charter  of   the University, orders  and  instructions  of  the Rector,  as  well  as  this  Charter.

         1.3 The activities of   the Center  are  carriedout  on  the  basis  of voluntary  public  initiatives.

         1.4 The Center carries out its activities inaccordance with the annual and long-term thematic plans developed by itsdirector and approved by the Rector of   the  University.

         1.5 In  order  to  achieve  the  set  goals, the  Center  has  the  right, on  behalf   of  the  University, to  conclude  agreements  with  relevant  enterprises and  organizations  of  ministries  and  departments, research    institutes  on  scientific  cooperation.

        1.6 Reorganization  and  dissolution  of  the  Center  are  carried  out  in  accordance  with  the  Charter  of  the University  on  the  basis  of   the rector’s order.

                                                                                   II. Goals and objectives of the Center

         2.1. The  main  goal  of   the   Center   is to  train   high-level  specialists  and  establish  international   scientific   cooperation  inthis  sector, carry  out research   work, develop  and  introduce  innovative   scientific  and  educational  programs  into  production  in  order  to  create and  develop  the  hydrogen energy  industry  in Turkmenistan.

        2.2.In  accordance  with  the  tasks  set, the  Center  has  been  charged  the  following   responsibilities:

        ·   collection   and  analysis  of  data  to  study  the  experience  of  leading  foreign  research   centers, companies in the formation  and  development   of the  hydrogen  energy   industry;

        ·    organization   of  digital   online  seminars  of  professors-teachers   from   cooperating   foreign    universities   and  experienced  specialists   from international  organizations  inthe  field  of  hydrogen  energy;

        ·    inorder  to  improve  the  professional   qualifications  of  teachers  and  specialists, the  organization   of   their   internships   at   the  Center;

        ·   organization   of short-time training courses and internships for specialists and students ofthe university in research centers of our country and in branches  of  leading  foreign  companies  in  our  country  to  improve  their  professional   skills;

        ·   study   and   regulation  of  international   cooperation  on  hydrogen  energy;

        ·   holding  seminars,  international  scientific and practical conferences and webinars  on hydrogen energy;

        ·   preparation  of proposals  for the introduction of modern  world   technologies for the  production of hydrogen energy in Turkmenistan;

        ·   carryin  gout  fundamental  and  experimental  research, experiments  on  hydrogen  energy;

       ·    coordinating   work   with   professors  and  teachers   of   prestigious   universities  of  the   country   and   foreign   countries   on  thematic  studies  and experiments  of  the  Center  and   maintaining  international  cooperation; 

       ·    publication  of   articles  about   the  activities  of   the  Center  in  local  and  foreign  media.

                                                                                     III. Center   Management

          3.1 The  management   of  the  Center  is  carried  out  by  the  scientific  director,  nominated  by  the  vote  of  the  members  of   the  Academic Council of   the  University  and  appointed  by  the  order  of   the  rector.  The   scientific  director  of   the  Center   must   be  a   highly   professional    honorary  specialist   who   has   a   doctorate   ora   candidate   of   science   degree    with   a   scientific   and   pedagogical  work  experience  of  at  least  3 (three)   years.

          3.2 The  director of the center subordinates  to the rector of the university.

          3.3 The   Director  ensures  the  implementation  of   the  main  functions  of   the  Center  and  organizes  its  current   activities.

                                                                                       IV. Responsibility

           4.1 The  Director  of  the Center is responsible   for  the  incorrect  or untimely accomplishment of the documents of  the Center, aswell as  the unqualified  performance  of the functions provided for by this Charter.

                                                                                        V. Final regulations

          5.1 The regulation was approved by the decision 1 of the Academic Council of the University dated February  9, 2022.

          5.2 This Charter comes into force from the dateof its approval and is valid indefinitely.

         5.3 Changes and additions to the  Charter might   be made at the suggestion of the Academic Council of the University.

         5.4 The Director of the Center draws up anannual report on the work done in the Center and  reports to  the  meeting  of  the   Academic  Council  of the University.

                A  webinar was held on the theme "Prospects for the development of hydrogen energy"

     In  accordance  with  the  Roadmap  Plan  for  the  development  of   international  cooperation  in  the  field  of  hydrogen  energy  of  Turkmenistan   for 2022-2023, approved  by  the Decree of  the   Presidentof  Turkmenistan  dated  January  28, 2022 No 2581, the  training  of   higher   specialists   of    the appropriate   level   at   the   university   is  underway  to  establish  cooperation.

On  February 28, 2022, an  online  meeting  was  held  organized  by  the Organization  for  Security  and  Cooperation  in  Europe  (OSCE) with  specialists from  the  Hydrogen  Energy  Center  and  students  of  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakaev International  University  of Oil  and  Gas.


                               Online conference "To the study of foreign   experience in hydrogen energy"

     March 9, 2022 at 10:00 at the Information center of the International University of Oil and Gas  Yagshigeldi Kakaev held a video conference between the Government of Japan and the relevant organizations of the Government of Turkmenistan "to   study foreign experience in hydrogen energy"



                                                                          USE   OF   HYDROGEN ENERGYWAS HELD

                On the first online meeting, adialogue for the development and cooperation, industrial use of hydrogen energyaccording to UNIDO, in which the working  group of the Hydrogen enrgy center,  founded by the International Oil and Gas university named after Yagshygeldi  Kakaev was held on April 1, 2022 year. The meeting was chaired by the  United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which discussed thedevelopment of global cooperation and the exchange of experience in the fieldof green hydrogen production between  the member states of the organization. Experts  from  Austria, Germany, Italy, China, Egypt and South Africa spoke at  the meeting.


   Technical  consultation on roadmap development for commercial development of atomic  hydrogen production

       On April 5-7, 2022 at theInformation Technology Center of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Oil and  Gas University organized by the International Atomic Agency, under the    theme   "Development of  a Roadmap for the Commercial Development of Atomic Hydrogen Production"  technical consultations were  held  between  foreign  experts.


       Online discussion on the experionce of the japanese company "Kawasaki heavy industry"  in the  production of hydrogen energy and opportunities for cooperation in this field     

             A video conference was held on the experience of the Japanese company  “Kawasaki Heavy Industry” in the production  of  hydrogen  energy and  opportunities for cooperation in  this   field at the Yagshigeldy Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas on April7-8, 2022

         The  video conference was attended by specialists  from  the   Center for  Hydrogen Energy   (Japan).   The representatives of the  Ministry  of Foreign  Affairs  of  Turkmenistan,  the Ministry of Energy of  Turkmenistan,  the state  concerns as “Turkmenhimiya”, “Turkmengaz” and “Turkmennebit”, the Turkmenbashy Oil  Refinery Complex, the Institute of International Relations of the  Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of Turkmenistan and  the Turkmen  Academy of  Sciences attended this videoconference.


      Scientific and practical online conference   was held on theme "Importance  of the development    of hydrogen  energy in Turkmenistan".          

          On  the 8th of April in  2022 at the Yagshygeldi  Kakaev International university  of  oil and gas hosted an online scientific  and  practical  meeting entitled “The Importance of the Development of  Hydrogen Energy in Turkmenistan” organized  by  the Research  and  Production  Center “Renewable Energy Sources”  of the  State  Energy Institute of Turkmenistan  with the participation of specialists from theCenter of Hydrogen Energy. The conference was also  attended  by the faculty and  students of  the Institute of  International  Relations of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and the Institute of Engineering and Transport  Communications of  Turkmenistan.


      Aworking   meeting  was  held  to  discuss  the UK  experience  in   Hydrogen  Energy and  to   discuss   opportunities of bilateral cooperation in this area (via video communication)

        On   April 19.2022. Yagshigeldi Kakaev’s International University of Oil and Gas, organized  by the British Council   for the Energy Industry and other British companies, discussed  bilateral cooperation in the field of  “ Study of the UK Experience in Hydrogen  Energy”. Online conference was held with   the participation of experts from the  Hydrogen Energy Center  and relevant agencies of the country.

           The  meeting also included participation of the  Ministry of Energy  of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of  Justice of Turkmenistan, the  Ministry of Finance and  Economy of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Education  of Turkmenistan, "Turkmenhimiya" the State Concern,"Turkmengas" the State Concern and "Turkmennebit" the State  Concern, and the Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery. Representatives of the "Turkmengeologiya" the State  Corporation, the State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs, the Academy of  Sciences  of Turkmenistan, the Yagshigeldi Kakaev International University of  Oil and Gas attended.


          The   second  meeting  of  the United Nations Dialogue (UNIDO) on the development of industrial  cooperation in   the industrial use of hydrogen energy was held online.

               On    April 22,  2022, at   the  second  meeting  of  the Dialogue  of  the United  Nations   Industrial    Development Organization  (UNIDO) on global cooperation  in the field of  hydrogen energy for  industrialuse, the  faculty  of  the  International University of Oil and Gas named  after   Yagshigeldi Kakaev  actively  participated. The meeting  was chaired  by  the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),   which discussed the development of global  cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of  green  hydrogen production  between  the  member states of the organization. Experts  from Austria,  Germany, Italy, China, Egypt and South Africa spoke at the   meeting. The meeting   was also attended by representatives   the   Minister of  Foreign   Affairs   of   Turkmenistan,   the   Ministry of   Energy  of   Turkmenistan, the State Concern "Turkmenhimiya", the complex of oil refineries of Turkmenistan, the Academy of Sciences  of Turkmenistan, the International University of oiland gas named after Yagshigeldi Kakaev, Institute of International, State  Energy Institute.


    The  Conference «The future  of  the development  of  hydrogen  energy: innovations  and  technologies» was held (online).

         The  conference “The  future  of  the  development  of  hydrogen  energy:  innovations  and  technologies” organized  by  the   Organization for   the   Security  and   Cooperation  in  Europe  was  held  with  the  participation  of  the  Hydrogen  Energy  center   experts   and   relevantinstitutions  of   our  country  at  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  Oil  and  Gas  university,  on  April  28-29,  2022. Representatives   from the  Ministry  of  Foreign   Affairs   of   Turkmenistan,   the   Ministry  of   Justice   of  Turkmenistan,  the   Ministry  of   Energy  of  Turkmenistan,  by   the   Ministry  of  Finance   and   Economy   of    Turkmenistan,   the   Ministry   of   Education  of  Turkmenistan,  the   State    Concern ‘Turkmenhimiya’,   the    State   Concern  ‘Turkmengaz”  and   the   State   Concern  “Turkmennebit”,  the   Turkmenbashi    Refinery    complex,   the     Academy    of     Sciences    of     Turkmenistan,   the   Institute   of   International   Relations  of   the   Ministry   of   Foreign    Affairs   of Turkmenistan,  the   Turkmen   State    Energy   Institute  and    the   Yagshygeldi   Kakayev   International  Oil  and  Gas  university  also took  part in  the  Conference.


   Exploring    the   experience  of  ‘Ivatani’  corporation  of   Japan  in  the production  of   hydrogen  energy  and   discussing  opportunities   for cooperation   in   this   area   (via   video  communication)

       On   May   10, 2022   at   the   International   Oil    and   Gas   university  named   after Yagshygeldi   Kakayev   was  organized  video  conference  by  the “Ivatani” corporation  of  Japan     on   the   topic   of   “the   experience   of  hydrogen   energy   production    and  discussion    the    possibilities    of    cooperation    in  this  field”, and was   attended   the  experts    from   the   Hydrogen    Energy   and    relevant   agencies  of   the  country.   The  representatives   of   Ministry  of   Foreign    Affairs  of   Turkmenistan,   the    Ministry    of  Energy    of  Turkmenistan,   the  “Turkmenhimiya”  State   Concern, “Turkmengaz” State  Concern,  “Turkmennebit”   State    Concern,   Turkmenbashy’ s   complex  of  oil  refineries,The     Academy  of   Sciences   of  Turkmenistan,  Institute   of  International   relations   of  the   MFA   of    Turkmenistan,   and    Yagshygeldi    Kakayev    International   Oil   and   Gas    university    also    attended    the    conference.


"The   Round   Table  on  the  Roadmap" for  Hydrogen   Energy Development  in  Turkmenistan  was held  (via  video  communication).

     The   Organization   for Safety  and  Cooperation  in    Europe  (OSCE)  organized   a round   table  on  the  project  "The  Strategy  for  Development   of     Hydrogen   Energy  in   Turkmenistan"  on     the   topic "Hydrogen   Energy"    on   May 11, 2022.  A  video conferencing   took    place   at   the   Yagshigeldi   Kakaev   International   oil  and   gas  university   named   after.The  conference was  also   attended    by  the  Ministry  of Foreign  Affairs  of  Turkmenistan,  the  Ministry  of  Agriculture   and   the   Environment  of   Turkmenistan,  the    Ministry   of   Energy   of   Turkmenistan,  the   State   Energy  Institute   of   Turkmenistan,  the   State    Concern "Turkmengas", State    Concern "Turkmennebit", State   Concern"   Turkmenchimia  "Representatives   of   the   State Corporation "Turkmengeology",  Ministry   of   Justice   of  Turkmenistan, Central   Bank  of  Turkmenistan,Ministry   of    Finance   and   Economy   of   Turkmenistan, Institute   ofInternational   Relations   of   the   Ministry    of   Foreign    Affairs  of   Turkmenistan, Academy    of    Sciences   of    Turkmenistan  and  Yagshigeldi  Kakaev International   oil  and   gas   university.


Working   meeting  (via  video  conference)  with  the  aim  of  studying  the   experience  of «Petrofac»  company of  Great  Britain  in  the  field  of  energy  production  and  discussing  the  possibilities  of bilateral cooperationin  this  area

At  15:00  on July  1, 2022  the  video  conference  under  the  name  «The  discussion  of   experience  of energy production  and  the  opportunity  of  bilateral  cooperation  in  this  area»  was  held  with  the  participation of experts from  the  center  for  Hydrogen  energy  and  relevant  departments  of  the  country  at  the  YagshygeldiKakayev International  Oil  and  Gas  University   which  organized  by  «Petrofac»,   a  British  company. The   meeting was also attended  by  the Ministry  of  Foreign Affairs of   Turkmenistan, the  Ministry of  Energy  of   Turkmenistan,  the Ministryof   Finance  and Economy of  Turkmenistan, the state concern  «Turkmengas», the state concern   «Turkmennebit», the corporation   «Turkmengeology»,    the  Turkmenbashi   complexes  of  oil  refineries,  representatives  of  the  Academy  ofsciences  of  Turkmenistan,  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  Oil  and  Gas  University.


            Meeting between Hydrogen Energy Center ofInternational Oil and Gas University named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev and theCenter “Sustainable Gas Institute” of Institution of higher education “ImperialCollege of London” of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to discusspossibilities of bilateral cooperation (via video conference).

     On July 8, 2022 at 2:00 PM an online meetingwith participation of the specialists of Hydrogen Energy Center and the Center“Sustainable Gas Institute” of Institution of higher education “ImperialCollege of London” of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland was held atthe International Oil and Gas University named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev inorder to discuss possibilities of bilateral cooperation between Hydrogen Energy Center of International Oiland Gas University named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev and the Center “SustainableGas Institute” of Institution of higher education “Imperial College of London”of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. 


     Japanesecompany «KawasakiHeavy Ind. »,business meeting (via video conference) to discuss the possibilities ofcooperation in the field of hydrogen energy production.

     July  26, 2022 at 10:00 am at the Yagshygeldi KakaevInternational University of Oil and Gas, Japanese company "Kawasaki HeavyInd." a business  meeting  (via video link) was held with the participationof specialists from the Center of Hydrogen Energy on the theme“Discussion of the possibilities of cooperation in the field of hydrogen energyproduction”. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministryof Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, SC"Turkmenhimiya", SC "Turkmengaz", SC "Turkmennebit",the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, the Academy of Sciences ofTurkmenistan, the Institute  of  International  Relations  of  the  Ministry of   Foreign   Affairs   of   Turkmenistan.


              ''Round   table''   discussion  dedicated  to the  advantages  of  the  international  initiatives  of  the  President  of Turkmenistan  on  the  development  of  low-carbon  energy  and  hydrogen  fuel

      On   November  1, 2022,  a  round  table  discussion  dedicated  to  the  advantages  of  the  international   initiatives  of   the President  of  Turkmenistan  on  the  development   of   low-carbon  energy   and   hydrogen   fuel   was   held   at   the   computing center   of    the   Yagshygeldi   Kakayev    International    University    of   Oil   and   Gas, with   the   participation   of     Deputy Director   of    the    Hydrogen   Energy   Center   of   the   University   Maksat    Allamyradov,   Head   of    the   Department    of Social    Sciences   of     the   Faculty   of    Chemical   Technologies   and   Ecology, Professor   Nuryagdy   Suvkhanov,Head   of the    Department    chemical   technology   of    refining   of   oil   and   gas   Sheker   Akieva, the   lecturer   of   this     department Mukhammet   Sapargeldiev   and   the   chief   lecturer   of   the   Department   of   Industrial   Ecology   Gulendam   Ashyrova.


Joint   Conference of the  EU  and  Turkmenistan   was held in Ashgabat  on  Green Energy,   Hydrogen and  Methane  Emissions 

A  joint  European  Union -Turkmenistan  Conference  on  Green  Energy  and  EU  Hydrogen  and  Methane Emissions  Reduction  Strategies  took  place in  Ashgabat  on  22 - 23  November 2022.  

Minister  of  Energy  of  Turkmenistan  and  the  European  Union  Ambassador  to  Turkmenistan,  Diego Ruiz Alonso,  opened  the  conference  in  hybrid  format.

Kadri  Simson, Commissioner  for  Energy  of  the  European  Commission,  and  Clara de  la Torre, Acting Director  General  of  the  Director  ate  General  for  Climate  Action  of  the  European  Commission  provided opening  statements  by  video. The  conference was attended by scientists  and  experts  from  Turkmenistan  and the  European  Union  in  the  field  of  green  energy,  hydrogen  and  methane  emissions.

Presentations  were made by representatives of  the  International Energy Agency, the  European Bank  for Reconstruction  and  Development, the Global Methane Initiative, Hydrogen Europe, the German  Ambassador to Turkmenistan, State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan, Natural Gasresearch  Institute  of  Turkmengas State Concern, International University of Oiland Gas named after Y. Kakayev are amongst others.

The European Union representatives in their speeches  presented the main policy directions  in  the field  of renewable energy andperspectives  of  their development, shared their experience in the internationaland regional cooperation in the field of renewable energy and ways for implementationof renewable energy sources. They presented the EU strategies on the use of  hydrogen and reduction of methane emissions and invited Turkmenistan to joinrespective international initiatives.

Experts of Turkmenistan reported about the use  of renewable energy in the country, the Roadmap  for international cooperation inthe field of hydrogen energy for 2022-2023, and to create a highly productive  export-oriented sector  of  hydrogen energy in Turkmenistan. In addition, they  talked  about  the use of modern environment friendly resource savingtechnologies, notably in the oil and gas, energy and  transport  sectors.

During the Conference, participants  from the EU and  Turkmenistan exchanged experiences and discussed perspectives  for  further  cooperation in the field of renewable energy, use of renewable hydrogen andreduction of  methane  emissions. The parties reaffirmed  their commitment  to strengthen cooperation in a way that promotes  mutual  interests.

Both  sides discussed a wide range of issues related torenewable energy, including  the  development  of renewable  energy legislation, renewable  energy investments  and  innovative  technologies  and  perspectives  of  using hydrogen.

The EU and Turkmenistan  agreed  to  continue dialogue  on  the  key topics discussed with a view to identifying concrete  options  for  cooperation.


The   scientific  journal  of  oil,  gas  and  mineral  resources  of  Turkmenistan  published  an  article «Center for international cooperation on hydrogen energy» by  Professor  of  the  Yagshygeldy  Kakaev  International  University  of  Oil and  Gas, Doctor of  Technical Sciences  Hojanepes  Evzhanov.