17 April 2023

An online seminar on ‘’Environmental safety and standards of the and gas sector: the leading practices of the organization of security and cooperation in Europe’’ will be held.

           On  April  24-25, 2023, with  the participation  of  the  state  conferens ‘’ Turkmengas’’ and ‘’Turkmennebit’’ the  state  corporation ‘’Turkmengeology’’ as  well  as  representatitives  of  the International Oil and  Gas University  named  after Yagshygeldi  Kakayev, an online  seminar on ‘’ ‘’Environmental  safety  and standards  of  the  and  gas  sector: leading  practices  of  the   organization of  security  and  cooperation  in Europe’’ will  be  held. Participants  will  take  a  part  from  their  building  via  video  link.