03 October 2020

«Student Payment» is a new online service of the Halkbank state commercial bank of Turkmenistan

«Halkbank» state commercial bank increases the number of online services. The purpose of new service of Bank “Student Payment” is to facilitate and modernize the payment process of higher education institutions of our country on a fee-paying basis. Through the “Student Payment” Service, students can transfer their tuition fees online through bank cards from the Online Payments section of the bank’s official website

The new service offers a number of benefits to students and their parents:

  1.  First of all student and their parents can save the time to go to the bank to make a payment;
  2.  If the student is required to make a one year or six month payment at the same time, it is also possible to make one or more monthly payments through the online service;
  3.  “The Altyn Asyr” bank card of the student himself or his close relatives (parents, siblings, relatives) can also be used for payment;
  4.  Online payment is available any time of the week, day and night;
  5.  “Student Payment” is possible to obtain a certificate of payment for payments made through an online banking service.

Requirements for use of the service:

  1.  Each student taking their personal number (login) and password from the higher education institution and must enter their personal room in a special section to the bank’s website;
  2.  To use the service you need to know the CVC code of the card and SMS (message) service must connect to the bank card.