Higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan were included to world uniwersity ranking

16 June 2022

       Thanks  to  the  efforts  of  our Esteemed  President,  the  number  of modern higher  education   institutions   in  the state  is  growing,  the  material and technical  base is being  reinforced, the legal  agenda of the  nationaleducation  system  is  being improved  and  taking  into  account  the needs  of the  fast-growing  digital  economy, new vocational  training  programs, curricula,  courses, national curriculum  are  being  introduced,  and innovativemethods  of  teaching  are  been introduced  into  the  program  of  study. The collaboration  of  higher educational institutions of our state with the prestigious universities  of   the  world  and  thecenters of science and education  is  further  strengthened.

        In  order  to  further  develop the  activity  carried  out  in  this sphere, the  President  of  Turkmenistan  has set  an  assignment  to  include  highereducation institutions  of  the  state   in  the list  of  international  higher education  institutions by  2024.  In  accordance  with  the  plan, the  annual World  University  Ranking  of  the World  University  Rankings  by Times Higher  Education, a  well-known  British  university, will be held at Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  University  of Oil  and  Gas  in  September  2021.  The following   indicators for   2019  and 2020 are  included in  the  list  of  Impact Ranking  2022  (Impact  Ranking):

- SDG4(High  Quality  Education);

- SDG7(Available  and  Clean  Energy);

- SDG9(Industry,  Innovation  and  Infrastructure);

- SDG17(Partnership  for  Achievement);

appropriate activities   have  been  accomplished  in accordance  with  the Sustainable  Development Goals.

      In  accordance  with  the  results of  the  activity   conducted,  on April 27, 2022  by Times  Higher  Education  (World Ranking Organization) in London,  UK,  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev International   University  of  Oil  and Gas  and the  World  University of Telecommunications and   Information Technology  of the World University of Information Technology  and information   on  it  has been published in full  on  the  official   website of Times Higher  Education  (

       The  world-renowned  Times  Higher  Education is  considered  a recognized  leader  in  theranking  of  higher  education.

       The   list of  universities participating  in  the  Impact  Ranking  of Times Higher  Education  by  2022  is registered.  In  order  to  be  included in  the final  rating  register,  higher educational  institution  must  be  included  in the rating list  in  4 Sustainable  Development Programs  (SDG).  If  the  university is  not registered  in  4  of  them,  it  is excluded  from  the  entire  ranking  list and not  included  in  the  final  ranking, but  its  results  are  listed  in  the list of  registered  Sustainable  Development Programs.

      In  summary,  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  University  of  Oil and  Gas was  one   of  the  first  universities to  be   included  in  the  list  of all the  4  Sustainable   Development  Programs   submitted   by  Turkmenistan and was  included  in  the  list  of such prestigious  and  prominent  rankings.

       More  than 1,400  prominent  universities in  the world havebeen selected  for  the  rating.

       Two universities from Turkmenistan – YagshygeldiKakayevInternational  University  of Oil and Gas and the Institute ofTelecommunications  and  Informatics   of  Turkmenistan –have  been  included in  the final  rating  list.