«Talyp joşguny – 2022»: a colorful festival of creativity and talent

15 June 2022

       In   7th   june   International   oil  and  gas   university   named   Yagshigeldi   Kakaev  hosts  the  annual   creative  festival  among   students  of   the   country's   universities   «Talyp    joşguny –2022»,   announced   by   the   Central   Council  of  the  Youth  Organization  of  Turkmenistan  named  after  Magtymguly  together  with the  Ministry   of Education ofthe country.

         The first  stage of the colorful   marathon  of  creativity  and  talents  with the participation of   student   amateurart   groups has  taken place in every higher educational  institution of the country.   Further - the best  creative  teams, according to the organizers of the festival,   will have the right to perform in the final. 

        For  young people  who  are  passionate about  the  arts of music,  dance, literature, folklore, «Talyp  joşguny» is a real, bright and exciting celebration of inspiration, which  provides  an excellent opportunity to fully demonstrate their talents andcreative abilities, to play the role of an artist.

        The   annual  student  festival  «Talyp  joşguny»  is  held to  identify creatively   gifted, talented  representatives  among  young  people, develop their abilities,   stimulate students' creative  activity,increase interest  in art, and   widely popularize  national  culture. And, ofcourse, one of the main tasks of the festival is to increase the love in the heartsof   young people   for their   rich   culture,   glorious history,  prosperous,  independent   and   neutral   Motherland.