Deserved the first place

16 October 2022

         The  Revival  period  of  the  new  epoch  of  stable  state  is  a  great  and  glorious  period  for  our  dear  Motherland.  Successful developments have reached high levels in the sports sector of ourcountry, which fills our hearts with happiness. As a result of the successfulimplementation of public initiatives in our beloved country, sports events arebecoming increasingly popular.

        The  achievements  of  Turkmen sportsmen in the year "The Era of the People with Arkadag" testify to the fact that Turkmenistan has become asports country.

       The  students  of  Yagshegeldi  Kakaev International Oil and Gas University also participated inthe championship of Turkmenistan in the sport of  Thai-Box  (Muaythai)  and  won  prizes.

       Gurbanov  Agajan, a  4th-year student of theUniversity's Faculty of Energy and Engineering Facilities, won 1st place in theThai-Box (Muaythai) Championship of Turkmenistan on October 15-16, 2022  in  the  weight  category  of  86  kg.

Inspired  by  the  opportunities  created  by  our  Sardar  with  Arkadag,  our  young  people  also  participate  in  international  competitions  and win  prizes.