Won an award at the World Cup

12 November 2022

     New pages are  being  written  in the history  of Turkmen  sports  during  the  Revival  of  the  new age  of a stable  state. Today, Turkmenistan   is known  as a country  with  a developed  sports  system, capable  of  successfully  holding  world-class  competitions.

     The   achievements  of  Turkmen   athletes  in  international  competitions deserve special mention.

     Turkmen athletes  successfully performed  in  the belt  wrestling  competition  for  the World Cup  held in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation  between November  2-6, 2022. The  competition was held in different weight  classes.

     In  this competition, Sopyyev  Ybrayym, a  2nd-year  student  of  the Faculty of Energy and   Engineering  Facilities  of  the Kakayev Yagshageldi International University of Oil and Gas, managed to take 3rd place in the 75 kg weight category.

The  successful  performances  of  our  athletes  at  the  world  level  create  joy  and  pride  in  sports   lovers.