Physical education and sport

Achievements of the university in sports

03 January 2022

       The development of high-level sports and mass-sport movement in Turkmenistan, aswell as the implementation of a wide range of measures to promote a healthylifestyle are in the focus of attention of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan. 

       Inrecent years, the prestige of Turkmen sports on the world stage has beengrowing. Various sports competitions are held regularly on the basis of stateorganizations and universities. Factors such as the availability ofwell-equipped sports complexes and high training potential play a crucial rolein the rapid development of national sports.

      The university has a closed sports complex that meets the requirements of allinternational sports standards. The complex has 213 spectator swimming pools, 213 spectator halls for various sports (tennis, mini-football, basketball,volleyball and handball halls), gyms and boxing fields. There are indoor andoutdoor basketball and volleyball courts. Adjacent to the sports complex arelarge and small soccer fields, long distance trekking and outdoor athleticfields, numerous gyms and various sports equipment.


         Toimplement the initiatives of the Distinguished President in the field ofphysical education and sports, the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Universityof Oil and Gas has a student sports club equipped with the latest sportsequipment, and its task is to create conditions for improving the health ofstudents and playing sports. The student sports club is designed to contribute tothe upbringing of a healthy, physically strong, spiritually rich younggeneration and to increase students' interest in physical education and sports.The student sports club has a number of sports sections. Student youth withgreat enthusiasm and activity participate in the work of these groups in theirfree time. The university regularly hosts educational and training events andcompetitions in various sports.

      Universitysports students actively participate in national and international competitionsand achieve success.

      Thebasketball team   “Nebitchi” of the University successfully performed at the 2014 basketball championship of Turkmenistan, in the year of Makhtumguly Pyragy and took first place.

      Thevolleyball team “Nebitchi”  of the University successfully performed in the 2015 volleyball championship of Turkmenistan, in the “Year of Neutrality and Peace”, and won first place.

       In 2020, in the “Year of Turkmenistan -homeland of neutrality”, senior lecturer of the Department of PhysicalEducation of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University ofAkhmedov Yolgeldy took part in a chess competition among university professorsand took the third prize. The seniorlecturer of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Faculty of Economics andManagement Khudayberenov Ovezmammet also took part in these competitions andalso took the third place.

     Orakov Nurmukhammet, a lecturer at the Faculty of Geology of the University, hassuccessfully won first place in the swimming championship among teachers ofhigher educational institutions in 2020 - in the year "Turkmenistan is theMotherland of Neutrality".

     In 2020, in the year "Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality", a 2ndyear student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University BabekovNiyazmyrat took part in a sambo sports tournament among students of highereducational institutions and took the thirdprize.

     IshangulievEyeberdi, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Geology of the University ofGeology, took part in sports competitions in the kind of sport "FreeWrestling" and took 3rd place, and a 3rd year student of the Faculty ofEnergy and Engineering Structures speciality GTDweGKS Sabirov Adulazim took the 2nd place.

     First-yearstudent of the Faculty of Geology of the University Nargul Begnazarova, takingpart in sports competitions in 2021 - in the year "Turkmenistan - Homelandof Peace and Trust" in table tennis among university students took the 1st place.

     Students-athletesof the university compete in 23 sports at the Universiade among theuniversities of Turkmenistan, held under the motto "Turkmenistan is acountry of health and inspiration" and take prizes.

    In theuniversity regularly are carried out sports events dedicated to the gloriousholidays of Turkmenistan, as well as students take walks along the "Roadof Health", take part in bicycle marathons.