Physical education and sport

Achievements of the university in sports

15 September 2022

       The development of high-level sports and mass-sport movement in Turkmenistan, aswell as the implementation of a wide range of measures to promote a healthylifestyle are in the focus of attention of President Serdar Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan. 

       Inrecent years, the prestige of Turkmen sports on the world stage has beengrowing. Various sports competitions are held regularly on the basis of stateorganizations and universities. Factors such as the availability ofwell-equipped sports complexes and high training potential play a crucial rolein the rapid development of national sports.

      The university has a closed sports complex that meets the requirements of allinternational sports standards. The complex has 213 spectator swimming pools, 213 spectator halls for various sports (tennis, mini-football, basketball,volleyball and handball halls), gyms and boxing fields. There are indoor andoutdoor basketball and volleyball courts. Adjacent to the sports complex arelarge and small soccer fields, long distance trekking and outdoor athleticfields, numerous gyms and various sports equipment.


         Toimplement the initiatives of the Distinguished President in the field ofphysical education and sports, the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Universityof Oil and Gas has a student sports club equipped with the latest sportsequipment, and its task is to create conditions for improving the health ofstudents and playing sports. The student sports club is designed to contribute tothe upbringing of a healthy, physically strong, spiritually rich younggeneration and to increase students' interest in physical education and sports.The student sports club has a number of sports sections. Student youth withgreat enthusiasm and activity participate in the work of these groups in theirfree time. The university regularly hosts educational and training events andcompetitions in various sports.

      Universitysports students actively participate in national and international competitionsand achieve success.

      Thebasketball team   “Nebitchi” of the University successfully performed at the 2014 basketball championship of Turkmenistan, in the year of Makhtumguly Pyragy and took first place.

      Thevolleyball team “Nebitchi”  of the University successfully performed in the 2015 volleyball championship of Turkmenistan, in the “Year of Neutrality and Peace”, and won first place.

       In 2020, in the “Year of Turkmenistan -homeland of neutrality”, senior lecturer of the Department of PhysicalEducation of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University ofAkhmedov Yolgeldy took part in a chess competition among university professorsand took the third prize. The seniorlecturer of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Faculty of Economics andManagement Khudayberenov Ovezmammet also took part in these competitions andalso took the third place.

     Orakov Nurmukhammet, a lecturer at the Faculty of Geology of the University, hassuccessfully won first place in the swimming championship among teachers ofhigher educational institutions in 2020 - in the year "Turkmenistan is theMotherland of Neutrality".

     In 2020, in the year "Turkmenistan is the Homeland of Neutrality", a 2ndyear student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University BabekovNiyazmyrat took part in a sambo sports tournament among students of highereducational institutions and took the thirdprize.

     IshangulievEyeberdi, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Geology of the University ofGeology, took part in sports competitions in the kind of sport "FreeWrestling" and took 3rd place, and a 3rd year student of the Faculty ofEnergy and Engineering Structures speciality GTDweGKS Sabirov Adulazim took the 2nd place.

     First-yearstudent of the Faculty of Geology of the University Nargul Begnazarova, takingpart in sports competitions in 2021 - in the year "Turkmenistan - Homelandof Peace and Trust" in table tennis among university students took the 1st place.

     Students-athletesof the university compete in 23 sports at the Universiade among theuniversities of Turkmenistan, held under the motto "Turkmenistan is acountry of health and inspiration" and take prizes.

    In theuniversity regularly are carried out sports events dedicated to the gloriousholidays of Turkmenistan, as well as students take walks along the "Roadof Health", take part in bicycle marathons.


                             A new achievement for our athletes


          As  a   result  of the noble and universal policy of our esteemed   President - the   Leader of   the Nation, in the Year   of   “Epoch of   the   people   with Arkadag”,  Turkmenistan has made   great   strides  in all   fields,   including   science,  education, health and sports. The   creation of international   higher education   institutions   in our country for the education of our youth at the internationallevel, for the study of science and profession, the opening of   a number ofinternational hospitals   to protect the health of the people, as well as the   construction and commissioning   of a number of sports facilities, complexes,stadiums and sports schools for the purpose of strengthening   the health of thepeople and spreading the prestige of our countryare a clear example of thisprogress.

         Yagshygeldi   Kakayev   International University of Oil and Gas makes a worthy contribution to   the important,   all-important humanitarian work of our Honorable President - ourCommander with   Arkadag in the Year of Epoch of the people with Arkadag,that is, highly skilled specialists in a number of fields. There is also a lotof emphasis on sports in higher education. University   student athletes takepart in state-level competitions in various sports and win prizes. In the Yearof Epoch of the people with Arkadag, they managed to win the firstplace in the Men's Volleyball Championship.

          The  competition was very interesting and controversial. The top 10 (ten) volleyballteams in the country were divided into two groups and played each other todetermine the 1st and 2nd places in the group.

            As a result of the games,the winners of the 1st and 2nd places in the teams were announced and theyplayed in the semi-finals. The Nebitchi team of Yagshigeldi KakayevInternational University of Oil and Gas managed to take the 1st place among theteams and reached the semi-finals.

       In the semi-finals, ourNebitchi team defeated Migrasiya 3-1 and qualified for the final.

                                                            Cup of Ashgabat city

Turkmenistan'shigh reputation in the world of sports clearly shows that under the leadershipof the Esteemed President, special attention is paid to this direction. Thechampionships of Turkmenistan are also held at a high level of organization.

The teachers of Yagshegeldi KakayevInternational Oil and Gas University are doing effective work in attractingyoung people to physical education and sports, promoting healthy lifestyles. Theymake a valuable contribution to the harmonious development of physicaleducation and sports and the development of young athletes.

From October 13 to 16, 2022, a competition was held amongthe teachers of the Yagshegeldi Kakayev International Oil and Gas University to win the Cup ofAshgabat in the table tennis sport. In this competition, the teacher-learner ofthe University's Faculty of Digital Technologies and Cyber Security, Niyazgylyjova Oguljennet, wonthe III place.

This clearly shows that the tasks setfor Turkmen sports to reach new heights are successfully implemented.


                                                         Deserved the first place

The  Revival  period  of  the  new  epoch  of  stable  state  is  a  great  and  glorious  period  for  our  dear  Motherland.  Successful developments have reached high levels in the sports sector of our country, which fills our hearts with happiness. As a result of the successful implementation of public initiatives in our beloved country, sports events are becoming increasingly popular.

The  achievements  of  Turkmen sportsmen in the year "The Era of the People with Arkadag" testify to the fact that Turkmenistan has become a sports country.

The  students  of  Yagshegeldi  Kakaev International Oil and Gas University also participated in the championship of Turkmenistan in the sport of  Thai-Box  (Muaythai)  and  won  prizes.

Gurbanov  Agajan, a  4th-year student of the University's Faculty of Energy and Engineering Facilities, won 1st place in the Thai-Box (Muaythai) Championship of Turkmenistan on October 15-16, 2022  in  the  weight  category  of  86  kg.

Inspired  by  the  opportunities  created  by  our  Sardar  with  Arkadag,  our  young  people  also  participate  in  international  competitions  and win  prizes.


                                                              Wushu Championship of Turkmenistan

In our independent country, great work is being done in the field of creating adeveloped system of sports, educating physically and mentally healthy generations.

Encouraged by the comprehensive opportunities created by our Serdar with Arkadag, our youth participate in international competitions and win prizes.

 Asa result of the President's policy, Turkmenistan's championships in various sports are held in order to identify sportsmen who can make a worthy contributionto the development of the country's sports reputation in the world.

 Such championships were also held in Ashgabat in October 2022.

 In the Wushu Championship of Turkmenistan, our student athletes Gurbanov Agajanwon the first place in the 85 kg weight category, and Gylyjov Eziz won the third place in the 90 kg category.


                                                       Athletics Championship of Turkmenistan

In our independent country, great work is being done in the field of creating a developed system of sports, educating physically and mentally healthy generations.

Encouraged by the comprehensive opportunities created by our Serdar with Arkadag, our youth participate in international competitions and win prizes.

Asa result of the President's policy, Turkmenistan's championships in various sports are held in order to identify sportsmen who can make a worthy contribution to the development of the country's sports reputation in the world.

Such championships were also held in Ashgabat in October 2022.

Our student-athlete Pena Babanyyazov successfully performed in the 800-meter and1500-meter distances at the Athletics Championship of Turkmenistan and won the first place.


                             “Healthy lifestyle is the key to prosperous future” Sports Week

     The  fact  that  Turkmenistan  occupies  an  honorable  place  on  the  world  sports  arena  clearly  demonstrates  that  under  the  leadership  of  the  Esteemed President, special  attention  is  paid  to  this  field  in  the  country.

     Teachers  of  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International Oil  and  Gas University  perform  effective  work  to  attract  young  people  to  physical  culture  and  sports, promote  a  healthy  lifestyle. They  make  a  worthy  contribution  to  the  harmonious  development  of  physical  culture  and  sports  and  the formation of  young  athletes.

     On  the  occasion  of  2023  announcement  as  the  year of “Happy  Youth  with  Arkadag Serdar”,competitions  in  various  sports  were  held  at  the  sports  week entitled “Healthylifestyle  is  the  key to  prosperous future” at  the Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  Oil  and  Gas University  from  May 8 to 13.


                                                               Successful performance

     Large-scale  work  is being  performed  in  our  country  to  create  developed  system  of  sports  and  education  of physically  and  spiritually  healthy generations. As  a  result  of  the  Esteemed  President's  wise  policy, in  order  to  identify athletes  capable  of  bearing  the  country's  sporting  honor,competitions  are held to win the Cup of Turkmenistan in various sports.

     Being  inspired  by  wide  opportunities  created  by  Arkadag  Serdar, our  youth  participates  and  takes  prizes  in  variouscompetitions.

     On  May 7, 2023, which  was  declared  the  year  of “Happy  Youth with Arkadag  Serdar”, competitions  were  held  in Ashgabat  to  win  theTurkmenistan  Cup  in  gymnastics.

     Hasanov  Ramazan, 1st  year  student  of   the  Faculty  of  Chemical  Technology  and  Ecology  of  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev International  Oil  and  Gas  University, successfully  performed  in  gymnastics  and  took  first  place.


                                                Success in the world cup competition

     New pages are being written in the history of Turkmen sports in the Revival of a New Era of a Powerful State. Currently, Turkmenistan is known as a country with a developed sports system, capable of successfully hosting world-class competitions.

   On March 24-27, 2023, declared the “Year of Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, Turkmen athletes successfully performed at the Combat Sambo World Cup competitions held in the city of Moscow of the Russian Federation.

   A 3 rd year student of the Faculty of Energy and Mechanical Engineering of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas Mammetgurbanov Mammetgurban successfully performed in the competition and took 3rd place in the 88 kg weight category.

  This achievement clearly indicates that the tasks set for sports to reach new heights in our country are being successfully implemented.

  The successful performance of our athletes at the world level causes a feeling of joy and pride among sports fans.


                                                                           First  place  winner

    A  lot  of  work  is  done  in  the  country  in  the  field  of  creating  a  developed  sports  system, bringing  up  a  physically  and  mentally healthy  generation. Thanks  to  the  wise  policy of  the  Esteemed  President,  championships  of  Turkmenistan  in  various  sports  are organized  in  order  to  identify  athletes  who can  increase  the  sporting  prestige  of  the  country.

    Inspiredby the broad opportunities created by our Arkadag Serdar, our youth take prizewinning places in international competitions.

    On  September   9-10   of   the   year  Happy    Youth   with  Arkadag  Serdar,  the  Athletics  (half  marathon) Championship  of  Turkmenistan was   held  in  the  city  of  Gyzylarbat,  at  which  Pena  Babaniyazov, a  2nd  year  student  of  the  Geological  Faculty  of  the  Yagshigeldy Kakaev  International  University  of  Oil  and  Gas, managed  to  take  first  place, having  successfully  competed   in  a  10-kilometer  athletics race  (half marathon).


                                                     Success of volleyball players

    The   high   prestige   of   Turkmenistan   in   the   world   of   sports  is   explained   by   the  special   attention  paid  to  this   area  in  the  country under   the   leadership   of   the   Esteemed  President.

    Between  September  11  and  19, 2023, declared   the   “Year  of  Happy   Youth  with  Arkadag   Serdar”, on   the  occasion  of  celebrating   the 32nd   anniversary  of   the   independence   of Turkmenistan, the  official admission  of  the  Youth  Organization  of  Turkmenistan  named  after Magtymguly   as  a  full  member  to  the  UNESCO  Global   Youth   Community,  as   well  as  the “International   Day  of  University  Sport”, theTurkmen   State  Institute  of  Physical   Education  and  Sports  hosted  mass  physical  training, sports, health-improving  and  cultural  events  under the  title “Sport,healthy   lifestyle - the  main  principle  of  happy  youth  with  Arkadag  Serdar”among  students  of  higher  educational  institutions  of the  country, as  part  of  which  a  volleyball   competition  (men’s   teams) was  held. The  volleyball   team  “Nebitchi” of  the  International   University of   Oil  and  Gas  named  after  Yagshageldi  Kakaev  won  the  first  place  in  the  competition  in  the  team  classification.

    This  success  inspires  young  people  to  improve  their  performance  in  the  future  and  fills  them  with  a  sense  of  joy  and  pride.