Information about the library of the university

     The  library  of  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  oil  and gas university (HNGU)was established  in  2012.  Currently, the  library  fund  of  the university  consists  of  113,184  books.  The  library's  collection   includes  29,793  books  published  in  Russian  and  other  foreign  languages  and 83,391 books  published  in  Turkmen.

     The  library  is  located  on  the  1st  and  2nd  floors  of  the  main  building  of  the  university  (reading  rooms  with  296  seats  on  the  1st   floor  and 248  seats  on  the  2nd   floor).

     The  library's  collection  consists   of  scientific  and  technical,  socio-political   publications, textbooks  and  manuals,fiction  books, newspapers  and magazines. The library  fund  is  constantly  replenished  with  textbooks  and  teaching  aids  provided  by  the  Ministry  of  Education  of  Turkmenistan.

         In  the  reading  room  of  the  library, all  conditions  have  been created for students to use various  literature.

         Since  2012,an  electronic  library  has  been  operating  in  the  library.  There  are  96  computers  connected  to  the  electronic  system  in   the electronic  library,  and 6752 electronic  books  are  placed  in it, from them  3009 books  are  in Turkmen  and 3743  electronic  books  are  in Russian and other  foreign  languages.

     The  library  organizes  exhibitions, reading  seminars,creative  meetings  with  scientists,  writers, poets, artists  dedicated  to  the  speeches  of  the President  of  Turkmenistan, political,  literary-artistic,scientific  and  encyclopedic  books  of   the   National   Leader   of   the   Turkmen  people  Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The  main  activities  of  the  library:

·       to  promote  quality  education  and  the  development  of  scientific  and  innovative  works  by  creating  a  library  fund  in  accordance  with professional  directions,  educational  programs  and  information  needs  of  the  university;

·       expanding the range of information and bibliographicservices provided to readers by large and specialized libraries;

·       popularization of information and bibliographic knowledgeamong students;

·       selection, collection and systematization of thelibrary fund;

·       quick access to information and funds for the maingroups of readers;

·       creation of effective information retrievalcapabilities in printed and electronic forms of publications;

·       maintaining  interaction  with  faculties, departments  and  research  centers  of  the  university  in  order  to  provide  information  about  services, library  fund, as  well  as educational, innovative  and  scientific  activities;

·       ensuring  the  safety  of  the  library  funds;

·      informing  about  the  services  offered  by  the  library.


Information and libraryproviding in IUOG educational and research works:

·        providing userswith effective services in documents and electronic sources, electronicresources and information-bibliographic services, education and variouspublications in reading rooms and bookstores;

·        consulting users,fulfilling all types of orders;

·        maintaining linkswith the university's faculties, departments, and research departments toprovide information on services, library resources, and accelerating services,as well as information support for education, innovation, and research;

·        personalinformation services of teachers, specialists and graduate students;

·        to provide informationon newly received, previously existing electronic sources in the library, theprocedure for obtaining their access;

·        electronicapplication and database use services from other libraries.

         Contact Information

  • Address: 744036, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Archabil prospect, 8,Administration block, 1st store, room 113
  •  Tel: (+99312) 39-13-16
  • Faks: (+99312) 39-14-00