Academic Department

The main directions of the Academic Department

  1. To implement and improve the digital education system constantly
  2.  To organize the work according to the requirements of the time, to provide students with high quality education, to train teachers and specialists as well as to retrain the staff.

Tasks of the Department:

• to carry out in the course of study the orders, requirements, briefings, instructions and regulatory legal acts of thePresident of Turkmenistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and theMinistry of Education of Turkmenistan;

• themain task of the Academic Departmentis to organize and supervise the educational work in accordance with therequirements of the time;

• regulation at universitythe instructions of Methodological guidelines for the organization of work of professors and teachers athigher educational institutions of Turkmenistan, control of the main types of teaching andmethodological work;

• developing internal regulations and other relevantdocuments governing the operation of the university;

• organizing training seminars to deepen the knowledge ofteaching staff and students;

• meeting the requirements for highly trained staff andhighly educated professionals;

• professional development of professors and teachers;

• coordination of the work of faculties, departments andother structural units in the formulation of curricula;

 Responsibilities of the Department:

• drawing up an annualcurriculum in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Education ofTurkmenistan and taking into account the working conditions of IOGU;

• drawing up the schedule of educational work, the order of classes, intermediatesummaries, to make upschedule of exams;

• carrying out the organizationof educational work according to the requirements, selection of staff in accordance with the currentlegislation and regulations of Turkmenistan;

• monitoring the implementation of the training schedule and the quality of teaching,the conduct of intermediate summaries;

• formally preparation and support the work of the State Testing Team;

• monitoring the accuracy of calculating the amount of study load in the departments;

• developing curriculum programs, model training programs and curricula, and other training and methodological documentations necessary to provide educational work;

• organization of educational activities with the participation of leadingexperts from prestigious universities of our country and abroad;

• engaging in the material and technical provision of educational work, the equipmentand modernization of classrooms in accordance with theestablished criteria and requirements;

• responding to letters relating to the educational tasks and prepares certificates;

• facilitating the preparation of textbooks, tutorials, and other methodological literature and documents;

• planning work on improving the qualification of teachers and controlling the documentation;

• coordinating the work of the faculties and departments in organizing and conducting training, pre-diploma and production practices of students;

• supervising the timely implementation of orders of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan,the Rector and the instructions of the Vice-Rector for the academic work.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744036, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city,  Archabil Avenue 8, Administrative Block, 7th floor, Room 713
  • Tel.: (+99312) 39-13-05
  • Fax: (+99312) 39-14-00
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