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11 May 2023

     The  Innovation  Research  and Training  Center  of  International  Oil  and Gas University named  after  Yagshigeldy Kakaev  was  firstestablished  on  May 3, 2013 under  the name"Information  Technology  Center", later, on March 4, 2019, it  was  renamed  to "Innovation Research and  Training  Center". On  June 7,2019, the Balkanabat  branch  of  the  Yagshigeldy  KakayevInternational  University  of  Oil  and Gas opened  in  the  building  of  the Balkanabat  branch  of  the  center.

     The  main  activities  of the  center - the  basic  and  vocational education  of  citizens, non-university  training  of students, organization and  conduct  of  short-term courses  in  computer  literacy  and professional  development  for  specialists  of enterprises  with  higher  and secondary  education;implementation  of  educational  programs  after primary  and  postgraduate  vocational  education;involvement  of students  of  higher  educational institutions  in  science,  various  laboratory research  to  implement  new  technologies  in industrial purposes; development  of  new

     Classes at  the  innovative scientific  and  educational  center  are attended  by  high  school  students, students of  specialized  secondary and  higher  educational institutions, as  well  as  specialists  in various  fields.

     The  Center  operates  on the  basis  of  self-financing  and  profitability.

     Specialists  of  a  number of  private  enterprises  of  the  country undergo  professional  training  and  retraining at  the  center. To  date, specialists  of  such foreign  companies  as  Dragon  Oil, Areti, Eni, BUIG,BKE  Drilling  Company, Western Atlas  International, MitsubishiElectric AG MELCO Elevator, Caspian  Drilling  Company,Rönesans,Atlas  have  received  advanced  training  and retraining at  theInnovation  Scientific  and Training  Center. The  specialists  of 243  private sector companies  of  the  country  have undergone and  are currently undergoing  professional  training and  retraining.  Among  them  are  such companies  as"Miýesser" "Mawy Kenar", "SGS","YnançHyzmat", "Berk Amal", "Rowaç Hyzmat","AziýaÝollar", "Gazyk", "Gujurly Inžener","UssatInžener".

     According  to  the  contract concluded  between  the  Innovative  Scientific and  Training  Center  and  Dragon  Oil  at the  first  stage  703 specialists  of  the company  were  trained  and  retrained  in  the"Industrial Safety" direction  at  the center.Currently  the  second  stage  of training  has started.

     The Balkanabat  branch  of  the Innovation  Scientific  and  Training  Center has  concluded  contracts  with  70  oil and  gas companies and  enterprises, whose  specialists undergo training  and  retraining  in  accordance with  the  terms  of  the agreements  and the  program.

     In  accordance  with  the agreement  on  mutually  beneficial  cooperation between  the  Innovation  Research  and Training  Center  and the  Professional  and Technical  School  of  the  Turkmenbashi  complex of  oil  refineries  the  training  and retraining  of  specialists  of  the complex  is carried  out. The  trainees  having  successfully finished  the  training  receive  the  state standard  certificate. At  present, thetraining  continues in  stages  according  to  the  plan.

     According  to  the  concluded contract  and  drawn  up  plan  between the  Innovation  Scientific  and  Training Center and Vocational School  of Turkmenbashi  Complex  of  Oil Refineries, in  addition  to  specialists  of Turkmenbashi  Complex  of  Oil  Refineries, about 2500specialists of  various  local  and  foreign companies  concentrated  in  Balkan  velayat will  be  trained  from  2021 to 2024 studying worldexperience  in  various  spheres.

     Currently, the  Innovation  Science and  Training Center  offers  short-term  courses on  a  fee  basis  in  the  areas of"Refrigeration  and Air Conditioning Systems","Environmental Safety", "Digital TechnologyandManagement", "English", "Russian Language".

     In  the  center  in  the areas  of "Technique  and  technology  of drilling", "Development  and  operation  of oil  and  gas  fields", "Design, construction and  operation  of  oil  and  gas pipelines  and  oil  and  gas  storage facilities","Surveyor  technician", "Chemical technology  of oil  and  gas  processing","Automation  of  technological  processes  and production", "Energy", "Basics  of innovative  technologies  in  oil  and  gas geology", "Economics  and  management  in oil and  gas  industry", "Industrial safety","Small  and  medium  business  management","Inter  Accounting", "Drilling  rig operator", "Assistant  oil  and  gas  well driller", "Worker  for geophysical  and geological  surveys", "Electric and  gas welder", "Laboratory  technician  for electromechanical  tests  and  measurements","Driver  of  compressor  and  pumpingequipment","Operator  of  technological installations  for  oil  and  gas processing","Chemical research  laboratory technician", "Secretary, computer  operator","Business  basics" are  trained.

     Currently, the  center  is  not  only engaged  in  academic  work, but  also  in increasing  the  interest  of  teachers  and students  of  the International  University  of Oil  and  Gas  named  after  Jagshigeldy Kakaev in  science, conducting  scientific  and  industrial experiments, implementation  of  projects, introduction of  the  results  obtained  into  production.

     Among  all  the  activities carried  out  by  the  center, it  is especially  important  to  note  the  work on  attracting  students  of  higher educational institutions  to  science,conducting  various laboratory  research  on  the  implementation of  new  technologies  for  industrial purposes,development  of  new  formats  of  scientific and  technical  cooperation  with  industries to  jointly  address  large-scale  scientific and technological  problems  and intensify  the implementation  of  innovations.

     Since  2020, on  the  basis of  a  license  issued  by  the  agency"Turkmenaragatnashyk", the  Innovation  Research and  Training  Center has  been  carrying  out relevant  work  to  improve  the  professional knowledge  of  students  of   the Yagshigeldy  KakaevInternational  Oil  and Gas  University,attract  students  to  science, their  material encouragement,  as  well  as  the  creation of  software  n  ia  cybersecurityand  their implementation  on  a  contractual  basis  in production.  Currently,  a  number  of  major  projects are  being implemented  for  the enterprises  of the  country, the  development  and  improvement of  software  complexes.

     Innovation  Research  and Training  Center  performs  practical  research and  design  work  in  priority  areas  of science  and  technology; introduction  into production  of  scientific  works, innovations  and  inventions of  researchers, faculty, students; defining  th e rights and  ways of implementing  digital  economy  and innovative  solutions  in  the  industry enterprises  of  oil  and  gas complex; conducts  extensive  joint  research work  with  the enterprises  of  oil  and  gas  complex  to introduce  in  the  industry  enterprises  of the  oil  and  gas  complex  a  number  ofprojects on the implementation  of  digital  economy and  innovative  solutions. For  example, currently the  Innovation  Scientific  and  Training Center  in  accordance with  the  signed agreements  with  the  State  Concern "Turkmengaz" and  the  State  Corporation "Turkmengeologiya"carries  out  a  number of projects  on scientific and  technical  support, introduction  of  scientific inventions  and  proposals  in production  within the  contractual  work.


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