The  department  of  Geophysical  methods  of  prospecting  and  exploration  of  mineral deposits was founded in   2012. The  department  is  a  part  of  the  Geology   faculty and  is  one of  the  important  structural departments of  the  university.

      The  main  task  of  the department  is the  organization  and  establishment  of  educational, scientific-research and  design  work  in  accordance  with  the  requirements  of  the  time.

       At the  Geophysical  methods  of   prospecting   and  exploration  of  mineral  deposits   department  of    the Geology   faculty  of   Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  oil  and  gas  university, highly qualified  specialists  are being trained  in the  specialty  of “Geophysical  methods  of  prospecting  and  exploration of mineral  deposits” for the  Türkmengaz  State  Concern, the  Türkmennebit State Concern, the Türkmengeologiýa State Corporation and other   administrative  departments  and  enterprises  of  Oil and  gas  complex  of  Turkmenistan  and  the Center of geological   information.

      The   department  graduates  mining  engineers-geophysicists   with  higher   education in the specialty of “Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits”.

      The department includes:

      - Interpretation of seismic data laboratory;

      - Field geophysical research methods laboratory;

      - Geophysical research of wells and petro physicslaboratory;

      - Geophysical methods of researching wells laboratory.