The  department  of  Physics  and  electronics  was  founded  in  2012. The  department  is  a part  of  the  Energy  and  structure engineering   faculty  and  its  main  tasks  are  the  modern  organization  of  educational  and  scientific-research   work,   the regulation  of  the  important  types  of  educational,  professional,  research  and  design  work of  methodological  instructions, manuals  and  according  to  them  the  preparation  of  specialists  with  higher  education.  

       Physics  as a  subject  is  very  important  for  the  students  of  Higher  Technical  institutions  studying  energetics, oil and gas, geology,  computer  science,  cybernetics  and  other  engineering  fields. 

       Professors  and  academic  staff  of  the   Physics   and  electronics  department  give   lectures,   practical and  laboratory lessons on Physics  the  students  of  all   the  faculties  of the  university.  It will  support  at  carrying  out of  scientific-research and project   works   properly  and  are  very  important  in  training  of   technical   engineers.

        Educational, methodological and scientific seminars are constantly heldat the department of Physics and electronics.

       Thedepartment includes:

     - EM-01 Mechanics and Acoustics laboratory;

     - EM-02 Thermodynamics of molecular physics and laboratory;

     - EM-03 Electricity and magnetism laboratory;

     - EM-04 Geometric and wave Optics laboratory;

     - EM-05 Atomic nucleus physics laboratory;

     - EM-20 Machinery and equipment of chemical productionlaboratory.