The department of  Higher mathematics  was  founded   in  2012.The department  is  a  part  of  the  Economics  and management  faculty  and   is one  of  the  structural  departments of  the university.

      The main tasks of the department are the organization and establishment of educational, scientific-research works and to train the principal parts of higher mathematics to the students on engineering specialty. 

     Professor-academic staff  of  the  Higher  mathematics  department  give  lectures, practical  and  laboratory   lessons  on mathematics  the  students of  all the faculties  of  the   university. It  will  support at carrying out  of scientific-research and project   works   and   are  very  important  in  training of  specialists  in  engineering.

         Educational and scientific seminars are held in the department of Higher mathematics regularly. Under the supervision of the professor-academic staff of the Higher mathematics department, talented students actively participate at competitions on  subjects  among  the  students  of   Higher  institutions  of  Turkmenistan, as  well  as  at  the  international  open internet   Olympics, and   take  prize  places. 

       The  departmentis    equipped  with  lecture  halls,  practical  classes  and   laboratories,as  well  as   with   modern  computer classes   for   training   students   of  the  university   in   accordance   with  the  requirements  of  the  time.