Department  of  physical  training  was  founded  in  2012. The  department  is  a  part  of  the  Economics  and   management  faculty and  is  one  of  the  structural   departments  of  the  university.

      The main task of the department is to carry outeducational work, as well as to develop sport activities and public movement,to implement wide-ranging events for propagating of healthy lifestyle, and tostrengthen students’ health.

      The  functioning  indoor  sport  complex  of  the  university  is  equipped  with  modern  sports  facilities  and  other  opportunities for increasing  students’  interest  to  sport. The  sportsmen  of  the  university  have  taken  active  part  at  the  state  and  international competitions  and  won  prizes.

       Thedepartment  includes:

   - 1 sport hall (volleyball, basketball, football fields);

   - 1 gymnastics hall;

   - 1 swimming pool;

   - 1 boxing ring and fitness hall;

   - 1 big football field;

   - 1 running track;

  -  1 mini football field;

   - 1 basketball hall;

   - 2 tennis courts;

   - 6 volleyball halls;

   - 3 tennis tables.