Energy and structure engineering faculty of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International oil and gas university was founded in 2012.

     The departments  of Industrial  construction  and  geodesy,Compressors  and  refrigeration  units, Machines  and equipment of oil  and  gas industry,Power supply and automation,Physics and electronics,and  Applied  mechanics function  at  the faculty.

     The faculty graduates civil  engineers in  the specialty of "Oil  and gas installations  and  industrial  construction",mechanical engineers  in the specialties of "Refrigeration,compressor machines and installations","Machines and equipment  of  oil  and gas  industry",  "Gas   turbine   plants   and   gas   compressor   stations",   electrical   engineers   in   the   specialty  of  "Power   supply",   electrical  engineers-mechanics in   the specialty  of  “Electric   drive and  automation of  industrial plants  and technological    complexes” as  well as  bachelors in the direction of "Technological  machines and  equipment","Electric power and electric  engineering".

     After graduation,they work in the state  concerns Türkmengaz,Türkmennebit  of  the oil  and  gas complex of Turkmenistan, the  state corporation Türkmengeologiýa,the state  concern Türkmenhimiýa,research institutes,as well as in relevant  management  industry   organizations.

     A  basic department,associated  with  the Power supply and automation  department  was opened in  the Technological  Center  of   the Academy of Sciences  of Turkmenistan, where students consolidate  their theoretical  knowledge in production,actively participate   in research and design work.

     The faculty carries  out  research  activities in priority areas of science.The departments of  the faculty carry out research works   on   the following topics:“Basic ideas about electrochemical  corrosion of underground pipelines during  the implementation of heat pipe   heating processes”,“Analysis and development of  pump-compressor  installations on gas-liquid waste and compressed gases”,  “Analysis of  the gas distribution mechanism of a four-stroke internal engine combustion","Determination of  the radiation flux density   of  heterostructures  in the GaSb-InAs system in the spectral range of 1.6-5.0 μm  as  receivers of infrared  radiation","Study of the  rules for the use and design of steel pipes in lifting mechanisms of a drilling rig",“Reduction of  losses during evaporation of gasoline   stored in the tank”.

     The classrooms  of  the Energy and  structure  engineering  faculty are provided with modern equipment.There are  classrooms  for  diploma  and  term projects,language and  computer classes,as  well  as 35 laboratories designed for educational and research   activities.

     At the Faculty of  Energy and  Engineering  Structures  there  are scientific classes  aimed  at  studying  the development of natural   resources  and energy in our country,in accordance with the opportunities created by the Hero Arkadag and our Esteemed President   for scientific and technological development  during  the Revival  of  the  new epoch of a powerful state.In the classes "Energy and   resource-saving technologies based  ondigital electronics","Steps of  technology","Youngmechanics" and "Young industrial builder",   under  the guidance of   teachers and the participation  of students, research works are carried out with the aim of building industrial   facilities  that are beneficial to human health with the introduction of innovative modern technologies,as well as the introduction of the   most  appropriate   technical   solutions   for   lighting  and  ventilation   of  buildings,  structures  and  basements  with  low energy loss and the increase of oil and gas production in the country.

     The results of researchconducted by teachers and students of the faculty are published in domestic andforeign journals in the form of abstracts and articles.

      Also, professors-teachers andstudents of the faculty actively participate in events at the international andstate levels.