Economics  and  management  faculty of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev  International  university of  oil  and  gas  was  founded  in  2012.

     The  departments of  Economics and  management  in  the  oil  and gas   industry, Higher  mathematics and  Physical  training function  at the  faculty. The  faculty  graduates  engineer-economists with  higher  education in  the  specialty of  "Economics  and management   (in  the oil and gas industry)"  and bachelors  in  the  direction  of  "Economics  and  management  (in  the oil  and gasindustry)",  "Logistics  (in the oil  and  gas  industry)",  "Personnel management (in the oil and  gas  industries).

     After graduation, they work  in  the   state concerns Türkmennebit, Türkmengaz of  the Oil and gas  complex of  Turkmenistan, in the state corporation Türkmengeologiýa, in the financial  and economic  system, as  well  as  in relevant management  industry organizations.

      In  the “State  Program for  the Development of the  Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for   2021-2025”, for  the  development of the  digital  economy in   the medium  and   long  term, the  country  implements  the  basic  principles  and  methods  for  the development  of our  national  economy  through diversification, increasing  its competitiveness  and  through  a  continuous transition towards  industrial-innovative development.

     In   order  to implement   the   healthcare policy of  our  country, conditions have  been  created  for  the successful   participation  of student-athletes  in  world  championships  and  world cups, in  Asian championships and  other   international   sports   competitions.

     The  classes of  Economics  and  management   faculty are  provided  with  modern equipment. There  are Economic and mathematical  modeling and  Automation of economic data processing laboratories,  special   classrooms   for   diploma   and   term projects, language   and  computer   classes.

     There  are  scientific classes of  young   economists   and   mathematicians at the faculty of  Economics  and  management,   where students study the   domestic and  foreign   policy of  our  Esteemed  President,  the works of the  Hero  Arkadag,  the country's natural resources and economic development using  multimedia devices, as  well as the classes  of  applied  art.

     The  results  of  research  work  carried  outby  teachers  and  students of the faculty are published in domestic  and  foreign journals in the form of  abstracts  and  articles.

     Also,  teachers  and students  actively  participate  in events at  the international and  state  level.