“Open Doors” day

21 April 2022

    The International University of Oil and Gas named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev announces the holding of an “Open Doors” day to get acquainted with the university for young people who have expressed a desire to enroll in 2022.

    On the day of "Open Doors" young people can get acquainted with the implementation at our university of the policy of the Respected President of Turkmenistan on the development of science and education in our country, with the organization of the educational process, areas of training, specialties related to them, educational and cultural work carried out at the university and created conditions for studying, living, cultural leisure, sports, as well as classrooms that meet international standards, laboratories for practical exercises equipped with modern technologies, an information technology center and comfortable hostels. The Day of "Open Doors" begins on May 6-7, 2022 at 15:00 at the university and in the Balkanabat branch.

  University address: 744036, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Archabil avenue, 8 . Inquiries by phone: 39-13-05, 39-13-18.

  The address of the Balkanabat branch of the university: Balkanabat city, G.Annaev street, house 76. Inquiries by phone: 4-93-62, 2-19-98.