“Healthy lifestyle is the key to prosperous future” Sports Week

13 May 2023

     The  fact  that  Turkmenistan  occupies  an  honorable  place  on  the  world  sports  arena  clearly  demonstrates  that  under  the  leadership  of  the  Esteemed President, special  attention  is  paid  to  this  field  in  the  country.

     Teachers  of  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International Oil  and  Gas University  perform  effective  work  to  attract  young  people  to  physical  culture  and  sports, promote  a  healthy  lifestyle. They  make  a  worthy  contribution  to  the  harmonious  development  of  physical  culture  and  sports  and  the formation of  young  athletes.

     On  the  occasion  of  2023  announcement  as  the  year of “Happy  Youth  with  Arkadag Serdar”,competitions  in  various  sports  were  held  at  the  sports  week entitled “Healthylifestyle  is  the  key to  prosperous future” at  the Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  Oil  and  Gas University  from  May 8 to 13.