Hydrogen energy center

From April 29 to May 4, 2023, classes on hydrogen energy were held in the USA.

     Senior  Lecturerin  the  Department  of  Compressors  and  Refrigeration  at  the  Yagshygeldi Kakaev  International Oil and Gas University Sh. Tulemedov visited  the  United  Statesunder  the  State  Department's international study tour program from April 29 to  May 19, 2023 to familiarize  himself  with government  projects  and  initiatives  inthe  field  of renewable  energy  sources, as well as protection environment,climate change, with US best  practices and technologies.

         The  first  day  of  training  began  from  April  29 to  May 4, 2023  in Washington DC.

         On  May 1, the International Study Tour was opened at theMeridian International Center. Opening speakers  were Ms. Chiquita  Jackson,Events Manager, Mr. Morgan Quijano, Program Manager, Mr. Ryan Oberlag, EventsManager.

         Then  Maria  Petrova, Ph.D., co-director  of  the  Master's program "Environmental  Management  and  Sustainable  Development" at  Georgetown  University, spoke. Dr. Maria A. Petrova  joined  Earth  Commons in 2019  to  develop  graduate programs. With an excellent combination of managerial and  administrative  skills  and a higher education in environmental sustainability,she easily found a balance between educational institutions and many years of experience in leading companies. Before attending Georgetown University, she helpedcreate the National Science Foundation-funded  Shore  and Society program at the  University of Massachusetts Boston.


Meeting  at  the  US State Department

         Ms.Petrova's  research  and lectures include: environment and politics, climatechange, sustainability and renewable energy. She is the editor of theenvironmental case studies section published by the University of California. She  is  also  a  member  of  the  Davis  Center  for  Russian  and  Eurasian  Studies  at Harvard University.

         Sh.Tulemedov  was  in Cleveland, Ohio, from May 4 to May 9, 2023. Based in Cleveland, Dominion Energy's management  team  oversees  energy services,distribution  operations,  sustainability  goals  and  a  renewable  energy  strategy. About  7 million  customers in 13 states  receive  electricity  or  natural  gas fortheir  homes  and  businesses  from  Richmond, Virginia-based  Dominion  Energy.


Meeting at the university

         From  May 9  to  May 13, 2023, Sh. Tulemedov was on a study tour in Dallas, Texas. The  Dallas/Fort  Worth Council on Foreign Relations is a dynamic organization thatpromotes international  and intercultural understanding  in  the North  Texas  community  and  features  prominent  international  figures throughout the year toprovide in-depth commentary on global events. Every year the Council offersabout 100 programs, mainly devoted to the international aspects of business,politics, culture and foreign policy. Since 1951, the city of North Texas hasbeen shaping the city's diverse perspectives on global issues. Today it servesas a gateway to the region, to the world and offers effective programs andactivities for the community (membership - 4000 people). The Council provides  education directly to schools in North Texas through  the Global Young Leaders  Program. In addition, these are the coordinates for visits to North Texasthrough the International Visitor Program and from  the  Dallas  Department  of  Protocol, city and world leaders.


Meeting in Dallas

         There  was a  meeting  with Chris Skeeteri, CEO of CleanTX.Topic of  the meeting: Upgrading the Power Grid to Advance Renewable EnergyIntegration Through Industry Partnerships  and Strategic Alliances, and theVision to Achieve  50% Renewable Energy in Texas by 2030. CleanTX is an economicdevelopment and professional association for cleaning and renewable energy  businesses.

         From May 13 to May 17, 2023 Sh. Tulemedov was in Chicago,Illinois. On May 15, 2023, a meeting was held with Aaron Dernbaugh, Director of Sustainability at Loyola University  of Chicago. Aaron Noble, Director of  Sustainability, supports Loyola University's campuses  and  academic centers  tocreate the most sustainable and unique educational experience for 17,000  students and 4,000 faculty. The  curriculum, culture, and  work  on the Loyola  campus is focused on combating climate change, water conservation, andprogram-based social justice, bringing innovation and efficiency to theuniversity's programs and student experience.


Meeting inChicago

         On May 16, 2023, the Conference was held, it was attendedby: Professor Harry Lepinske, founder of CAPRC, Mr. Jafer Hasnain, member ofthe advisory board of Seaspire Advisors, LLC, CAPRC, COO of Turn W2E, CAPRC-Mr. Alex Matthew, former Executive Director of the American Nuclear Society,Management Consultant, CAPRC Advisory Board Member, Mr. James Toskas, Presidentof Global Energy LLC, USA, Mr. Romuald, CAPRC Advisory Board Member Poplavsky.

         Sh. Tulemedov was in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 17-20 to getacquainted with:

          - a review of US federal, state, and localpolicies to promote clean energy innovation;

         - an overview of innovations in renewable energy and energysystems from an economic, environmental and security point of view, and todiscuss priorities for international cooperation between public, private,academic and community groups.

         This visit by Sh. Tulemedov includes a discussion of theresults of energy resource management, diversification, availability,consumption reduction, technological development, research and developmentstrategies.


Meeting inLas Vegas

         A working visit to the Hoover Dam is scheduled for May 18,2023. A meeting was held with Mr. Jay Ray Blazey at Nellis Air Force Base. Mr.Blasi is the energy manager at Nellis Air Force Base and leads the energyprogram at Nellis Air Force Base. Some of the job responsibilities includedeveloping and managing energy efficiency, renewable energy projects, ensuringthat all new buildings and renovations are built using best energy practicesand shortest life cycles, and training staff in energy saving techniques. Someof the projects he has worked on include Nellis Solar Array I (NSA I) - 14.2megawatts, the largest photovoltaic (PV) battery project in North America in2007 (completed December 2007), 30% load Nellis Electric delivers $1 million inannual savings, and Nellis Solar Array II (NSA II) is the largest US Department of Defense photovoltaic array (completed February 2016). Nellis Air Force Baseprovides 100% renewable daylight energy and a 2nd power source improving energysecurity. Mr. Jay Ray Blazey shared his experience with renewable energy inNevada and provided an overview of renewable energy initiatives at Nellis AirForce Base.

         On May 19, 2023, a meeting was held at the Desert ResearchInstitute and NV Energy.

         On May 20, 2023, he flew to Ashgabat, the capital of theMotherland.

         All tasks that were planned for implementation were fullycompleted.