Hydrogen energy center

A regular meeting of the inter-departmental working group on the development of the hydrogen energy sector in Turkmenistan

On July 11, 2023, the 2nd meeting of  the inter-departmental  working  group on the  development  of  the  hydrogen energy sector in  Turkmenistan  was held under the leadership of  the Deputy Minister of  Foreign  Affairs  of  Turkmenistan B.Myatiev. About thisreports MFA of Turkmenistan.

The heads of  ministries and departments of  the  country and their representatives  took  partin the work of the meeting.

During the meeting, aset of priority issues in this field  was considered. In particular, the participants of the meeting discussed issues such as the  implementation of the Roadmap for 2022-2023 on the development of international cooperation in thefield of hydrogen  energy of  Turkmenistan and the study of foreign experience  in  the development of this direction.

As the Deputy  Minister  of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan noted in his speech, energy diplomacy is one  of the priority directions of the foreign policy of the President of Turkmenistan. Having rich energy reserves, Turkmenistan contributes to the  development of international cooperation in the field of energy, continuously  promotes important initiatives in this field and actively participates in theimplementation of international and regional projects.

According to the participants  of the meeting, the implementation of the international  initiatives of  the country in the field of hydrogen energy, the establishment of effective international cooperation in this field, and the creation of ahigh-performance hydrogen energy system based on modern technologies and equipped with high-level specialists in Turkmenistan are underway. In this  regard, it was noted that the task of expanding international cooperation  related to the training of high-level specialists is important in order to  strengthen the scientific base of the country in the field of hydrogen energy. Inthis connection, Vice-Rector for  Academic  Affairs of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev  International University of Oil and Gas, Candidate of Technical Sciences Batyr  Mammedov acquainted the participants of the meeting with  the work of the hydrogen energy center established in 2022 at the university.

Speakers at the  meeting also emphasized  the importance of  cooperation with reputable  international organizations, primarily the United  Nations, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the European Union, the  Asian Development Bank, as well as the United  Kingdom, the  United States, Japan, and other  countries in the development of cooperation in the hydrogen energy sector of  Turkmenistan.