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21 March 2021

       Bookkeeping was created with the aim of organizing the accounting of allfinancial and business operations of the university in accordance with thelegislation of Turkmenistan.

       The main tasks: conducting accounting and tax accounting of financial andeconomic activities, monitoring the safety of property, specialised spending offunds and material values.

The main activities of Bookkeeping:

  • planning and organization of accounting for fixed assets, inventories, cash and other university values;
  • planning and organization of settlements with counterparties under business contracts, with budgetary and extra-budgetary funds;
  • calculation and payment of wages and scholarships, timely settlements with university employees;
  • ensuring strict observance of cash and settlement discipline, spending the received funds as intended;
  • ensuring timely and correct reflection in the accounts of accounting and reporting of business transactions;
  • preparation of accounting and tax reporting of the university;
  • monitoring the safety of the university property by means of accounting (inventory), including cash, fixed assets and other material assets in the places of their storage and operation;
  • preparation and submission of accounting and statistical reporting, reporting to state extra-budgetary funds, tax authorities, etc;
  • taking measures to prevent shortages, waste and other violations and abuses.

Contact Information

  • The address: 744036, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Archabil avenue 8, Main building, 6th floor, room 613
  • Tel: (+99312) 39-13-07