In 2012, Oil  industry faculty was founded at  the Balkanabad  branch of the Yagshygeldi Kakayev International Oil and Gas University.

    The departments of Geology and geophysics,Oil industry equipment, Drilling of oil and gas wells, Chemistry  and energy, General  technical disciplines function at the faculty.The faculty graduates  mining  engineers in the specialties of "Geophysical methods of  prospecting and  exploration of  mineral  deposits", "Oil and gas geology", "Drilling of oil and  gas wells",mechanical  engineers in  the   specialty of  "Design,  construction and operation of  oil  and gas pipelines  and  oil  and  gas  storage  facilities", electrical  engineers  in  the specialty of   "Power  supply", electrical  engineers  in  the specialty of  "Electric  drive and  automation  of industrial   plants  and   technological  complexes", engineers-chemists-technologists  in  the  specialty of  "Chemical technology of  oil  and  gas   refining",  as  well  as  bachelors  in  the direction of  "Electric   power  and  electric  engineering". After  graduation, they  work  in  the   state  concerns Türkmengaz, Türkmennebit of  the  oil  and  gas  complex  of Turkmenistan, the  state corporation Türkmengeologiýa,  the  state concern Türkmenhimiýa,  research   institutes, as well  as in  relevant  management  industry organizations.

     “Oil and gas and  chemical technologies” basic department of the Oil  industry faculty functions at the Nebitgazylmytaslama Institute of the Türkmennebit  State Concern. The  theoretical knowledge  gained  at  this  department  is consolidated by students  in production and they actively participate in research and  design  work.

     The faculty   conducts   research work  in priority areas of  science.  From the  research  works  provided  by the  Action Plan to implement the Program for the development of the oil  and  gas   complex  of Turkmenistan for 2019-2025 and the Concept  for the  development  of  the   digital  economy in Turkmenistan  for  2019-2025, the departments of  the faculty  conduct  research works on the topics: “Development  and management  of  oil  and  gas  deposits using digital   intelligent  technologies”,“The  importance  of  new  industrial   research  for increasing  hydrocarbon  reserves  in  the  West  Turkmen  basin”, “Technology of  geophysical surveys of shallow and  deviated  wells”, “Analysis  of  the   technological features of drilling an offshore  well  located  in sea  shallows  at the  western Cheleken field”, “Preparation of  oil  and gas for  long-distance  transport”, “Use of advanced technologies  for  measuring and accounting of the amount  of oil  in the  reservoir”.

     Based on world  experience, with  the development of the offshore oil  and  gas  industry,  which  is very perspective in  our country,  students of  the "Drilling  oil  and  gas   wells" specialty  study the basics  of  equipment  and  technology for  oil and  gas production  in the  subjects "Technique and technology of offshore oil and gas facilities", "Technique and  technology of offshore  development of  oil and  gas  fields”, “Peculiarities of  drilling  in mining, geological  and  marine  conditions  of Turkmenistan”, “Difficult  situations and  accidents during   offshore oil and  gas drilling”.The students  practice  at  the  production facilities of  Petronas  Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn  Bhd, a foreign  oil and  gas company in  the Caspian Sea.

     The classrooms of the Oil industry faculty are provided  with  modern  equipment.There are classes  for diploma  and  term projects, computer  and  modelig  classes, 5 laboratories  for teaching and  research.

     There are scientific classes at the faculty of  the Oil   industry where students can  study  the works of the Hero  Arkadag, the domestic and  foreign  policies of our Esteemed  President, and   also   study the developments of   the country's  oil and gasindustry using multimedia devices.The results of  research conducted  by  teachers  and  students of  the  faculty are  published in  domestic and foreign journals in  the  form of  abstracts and articles.

     Also, teachers  and students  of  the faculty  actively participate  in the  events at the international and   state level.