Student life

Student`s life

     At  the  Yagshygeldi  Kakayev  International  oil  and  gas  university  all  conditions  and  opportunities  have  been  created  for  students  to  receive modern  education, cultural  recreation, healthy  lifestyles, scientific  and  creative  activities, as  well  as  for  playing  sports  in  their  free  time.

 Student  youth  actively  participates  in  “Gara Altyn” dance, folklore  and  musical  groups. Students  are  provided  with  a  domitory  with  all  the necessary conveniences.  A  canteen, shop  and  cafeteria  are  also  available  for  students.


      In  the  epoch  of  the  Revival  of  the  new  era  of  the Powerful  state, through  the  efforts of  the  esteemed  President, all  the  necessary  living conditions  have  been  created  in  the  university  dormitories  to  improve  the  quality of  study, living  conditions, and  cultural  leisure  of  our  students.  At the  present  time, there  are   6 dormitories  at  the  university  which  are  equipped  with  heating  and  conditioning  systems, reading-rooms, kitchens, laundries, sewing  rooms  and  the “Bagtyyarlyk”  room.


     In  the “Bagtyyarlyk” room, all  the  necessary  conditions  have  been  created  to  familiarize  students  with  the  books  of  our  Hero-Arkadag, periodicals and  events  taking  place  in  the  world. 


     Student  youth  of  the  university  takes  an  active  part  in  the  annual  competitions  “Talyp gözeli”,  “Berkarar döwletiň  bagtyýar  gerçekleri” and “Talyp joşguny”, held  among  students  of  higher  educational  institutions  of  our  country, in  the  competition  “Ýylyň talyby”, organized  by  the  Central Council  of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtumkuli  and the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, moreover students take an active part in other competitions held at the state level and win prizes.

     In  their  free  time, students  are  engaged  in  scientific  and creative  activities, as well  as  creative  meetings  are  organized  for  them  with  famous persons  of  culture  and  art.  Students, together  with  teachers, visit  historical, cultural  centers, museums  and  libraries  of  our country.  Along  with sports competitions, cultural, public and creative competitions  are  regularly  held  among  students.

     Competitions  for  the  title  of “Best  student  room” and “Best  university  dormitory” are  held  annually. The  winners  are  awarded  diplomas, certificates of  honor  and  valuable  gifts.  Information  about  the  winners  and  their  photos  are  posted  on  the  digital  educational  portal  of  the  university.

     The  students’ music  and  dance  group “Gara Altyn” of  the  university  cultural  center  actively  participate  in  the  country's  festive  events  with  modern folk  songs  and  dances.

     The  main  goal  of  educational,  scientific, cultural, social  and  sports  work  with  students  is  the   formation of  advanced, comprehensively  trained young  people  who  have  fully  mastered  all  professional  skills.  The  care  of  our  esteemed President  about modern  student  youth  contributes  to  the further  development  of  the  country  and  gives  positive  results.