Student life

Student`s life

        At theYagshygeldi Kakayev International University of Oil and Gas, all conditions andopportunities have been created so that students can get a modern education,culturally rest their free time, engage in literary-artistic, scientific andcreative activities, as well as sports for their health.

        Studentyouth actively participates in dance, folklore and musical activities of the"Gara altyn" group. Students are provided with hostels with allconveniences. Students are provided with canteens and buffets.


         By thefatherly concerns of our esteemed President during the period of prosperity ofour sovereign state, all the necessary living conditions have been created inthe hostels of the university to improve the quality of the living standards ofour student youth, to ensure their study and leisure time free from study forcultural recreation.

        Currently,the university has 6 dormitories with a specially equipped air conditioningsystem and they are provided with a kitchen, a laundry room, and rooms for asewing, educational and "Bagtyyarlyk". 


         In the"Bagtyyarlyk" room, the necessary conditions have been created forclose acquaintance of students with the books of our President, periodicals,international events taking place in the world.


         Studentyouth of the university takes an active part in competitions held annuallyamong the country's higher educational institutions, such as "TalypJoshguny" and "Talyp Gozeli", as well as the State EducationalCompetition "Student of the Year" jointly organized by the CentralCouncil of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Makhtumkuli andthe Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and other state-level competitionsand win prizes.

        Intheir free time, students are engaged in literary, artistic and creative activities, creative meetings with famous figures of culture and art are organized.Students are organized excursions to the historical and cultural centers of thecountry with their mentors and teachers, use the national libraries of thecountry. Cultural and creative contests and sports competitions among studentsare also regularly held.

       Competitionsfor the title "Best Student Room"and "Best University Dormitory"are held annually. The winners are awarded with diplomas, gratitude andvaluable prizes. Information about the winners and their photographs are postedon the digital education portal and on the university website.

       Thereis a cultural center "Gara Altyn" at the university. The music andsong group in its composition, the dance troupe "Gara altyn", consistingof girls and boys, actively participate in the festive events held in ourcountry with modern and folk songs and dances.

      Themain goal of educational, upbringing, scientific, cultural, sports and housingactivities for students is to prepare them as mature and comprehensivelytrained young people who have fully mastered the professional skills.

      Theconcern of the Turkmen state for modern student youth determines the futuredevelopment of our country and brings its positive results.