03 March 2022

State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan “Halkbank” launches a new mobile application "Halkbank Terminal"

   State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan «Halkbank» announces the launch of a new service called “Halkbank Terminal”, a digital banking product, with the aim of creating favorable conditions for owners and customers of retail and service outlets.                 “Halkbank Terminal” is a portable software developed on the basis of modern and reliable technologies and capable of replacing the traditional payment terminal used for non-cash payments. By installing the mobile system of the “Halkbank terminal” on your mobile phone, you can use such services as accepting payments for goods and services, canceling or returning transactions, closing the cashbox and displaying the total amount of sales, viewing the history of transactions.

   The cost of purchased goods or services is entered and charged through the mobile system of the “Halkbank Terminal” installed on your mobile phone. If “NFC” is installed on mobile phones, that is, wireless communication technology, to make a payment, it is enough to bring the client's bank card to the corresponding phone.

   This service, will help to expand the use of non-cash payments.

Contact phones: (+99312) 44-48-37, (+99312) 22-73-23.