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Postgraduate department

12 September 2023

           In  accordance  with  the  decree  ofthe President  of  Turkmenistan  PP-6391 “About  the  conferment of the University  Degree to the Turkmen State Oil and Gas Institute” dated  August 9, 2013 and the  Resolution PP-13161 “About  the  issues  of the   International  Oil  and Gas  University”, and  according to the Order No.249 of the Ministry of    Education  of  Turkmenistan dated  August  12, 2013 in  connection with  the renaming  of  theTurkmen  State Oil and Gas Institute as  the International Oil and Gas University, a postgraduate and doctoral  degrees in  the  following  specialties wereestablished  by  the Order No.82 of the Academy  of  Sciences  of  Turkmenistan  on  September  5, 2013  at  the  International Oil and Gas University:

      Nowadays, 7 postgraduate  students  and  1  doctor  of  science are carried out the scientific worksin the preemptive direction of the science and they have been enlisted for thepostgraduate department of the Yagshygeldi Kakaev International Oil and GasUniversity.

                Specialty code andname                    Postgraduate degree                       Doctoral degree – Machines and appliances, processes of the refrigeration and cryogenic machinery, air conditioning systems and housingPostgraduate – HydrogeologyPostgraduate – Engineering geology, study of freezing and (sliding) undergroundPostgraduate – Geology, exploration and searching of oil and gas fieldsPostgraduateDoctoral – Technology of drilling and development of wellsPostgraduate – Development and use of oil and gas fieldsPostgraduateDoctoral – Construction and usage of oil and gas pipelines, storage and tank farmsPostgraduate – Geomorphology and evolution geographyPostgraduate - Geoecology (technical direction)Postgraduate

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