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Human resources and special department

22 March 2021

       The purpose of the Human Resources (Staff) and Special Departmentis to provide with the staff trained in the necessary skills and professions in accordance withthe university's problems and directions, to develop a personnel policy, to respect the rights, privileges andguarantees of employees according to the University Charter and LaborLegislation of Turkmenistan, as well as to ensure and conductbusiness in accordance with the Decree (Regulation)about Human Resources and Special Department.

Directions of work:

● to develop and adopt internal rules of procedure in accordance with the Charterof the University;

● to constitute the structure of the university, define the chart, developa staff list, set and distribute job responsibilities among staff;

● to select and recruit theuniversity professors, administrative staff, teaching assistants andengineers, to improve their professional skills and provision of normal workingconditions;

● to study the work and moral character of employees in the course of theirpractical work;

● to create a professional reserve to offer for leadership positions;

● the introduction of a digital system into the work of the department;

● ensuring the guarantees of professionals and employees in accordance with laborlaw;

● to prepare reports and submit them to the required places;

● to establish good communication between the workforce;

● to work out measures plan for staff;

The main tasks of the human resources (staff) and special department are:

● satisfying Turkmenistan's requirements for highly trainedstaff and highly educated professionals;

● retraining and upgrading the teaching staff of the university;

● registration of labor and rights relations;

● arranging wages;

● to exercise in practice the constitutional rights of citizens to education, tocreate all the necessary initiatives and conditions for their spiritual,scientific and harmonious development;

● developing employee relationships with self-government organizations;

● coordination of work to stabilize working conditions and comply with securityregulations;

● to carry out the exchange of experience of professors,specialists and scientists, to send them to professional training and business trips toscientific and educational centers of our countryand abroad.

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